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Peregrine Watch returns to Colchester Sixth Form College

The Sixth Form College on North Hill is running a series of Peregrine Watch events later this month, inviting members of the public to enjoy spectacular views of the falcons nesting on Colchester’s historic water tower, Jumbo.


The College started Peregrine Watch in 2018, with the help of bird of prey expert Peter Merchant. Every year since then students and staff have kept a close eye on the nest site and helped out when the fledglings have run into trouble on leaving the nest.

Photo: Sean Nixon

Each year has added to knowledge about the birds’ habits and life cycle. Analysis of the feathers found under Jumbo has revealed the rich and varied diet of the falcons, from Starlings and Wood Pigeons to Teal and Golden Plover. Recently, one of the 2017 fledglings was found dead on the roof of Charing Cross Hospital in London after it tried to muscle in on that site’s established pair.

Assisted by students from the College and members of the Colchester Natural History Society, Peter will share his unparalleled knowledge of the Peregrines’ journey from the edge of extinction in East Anglia. Scopes and binoculars will be provided to get the best possible views of the birds.

Peregrine Watch will take place at the College on Saturday mornings from 10am to 1pm on 28th May and 11th June. Please follow the signs to the viewing point from the entrance on North Hill.

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