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Sending records

Wildlife Recorders and sending us your records

Our wildlife recorders are on hand to confirm your wildlife sightings and record them so that we have an up to date record of the species in our area. If you want to submit your sightings then please email our recorders (preferably with a photo of what you've seen) and include as much detail as possible. A basic record consists of the following pieces of information:-

  1. Species name

  2. Date seen

  3. Location (OS Grid Reference, map link, description etc.)

  4. Any other useful notes or information


If you are unsure what you have seen then please do send a photo and we will do our best to identify it for you. we may be able to identify a species from footprints, feeding remains, droppings etc so please feel free to send us information about field signs even if you haven't seen the species itself. Also please remember that even dead animals should be reported as this is still a valid record.

Recorders List

CNHS Recorders list

Botanical - Dr Stephen Clarkson -

Fungi - Sarah Manning -

Birds - Dougal Urquhart -

Mammals (plus Reptiles and Amphibians) - Darren Tansley -

Butterflies, Dragonflies, Grasshoppers & Bumblebees - Prof Ted Benton -

Moths - Dougal Urquhart -

Hoverflies, Soldierflies and their allies (diptera) - Russell Leavett -

Aquatic invertebrates and plants - Pam Wilson -

Freshwater fish - Ernie Wells -

Molluscs - Simon Taylor -

Plant galls - Jerry Bowdrey -

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